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A kitchen in sight, from which two bars emerge, designed to be enjoyed by couples, followed by a room with 5 tables for larger groups.

The chef’s table is the most fun to book by a group, since it’s next to the kitchen, which contributes to make the experience more dynamic.

Our chefs meet 15 days before opening SLOW&LOW and, since then, they’ve been joined by a strong friendship.

Nicolás de la Vega, a mexican living in Barcelona and Francesc Beltri, from Barcelona, and who has lived in London and Indonesia, work hand to hand to create the menu.

Both are lovers of very powerful flavors, spicy and well-balanced acidity.

In their cuisine you will find reminiscences and flavors of any city in the world, always in search of perfect execution and technique.


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“Children under 12 years old are not allowed”

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